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catalogue h.p. weberhans

Commission: Exhibition catalogue H.P. WEBERHANS
Publisher: Helmhaus Zurich
Text: Simon Maurer
Concept, design, stereo photography, stereo viewer: Hans Knuchel
Typography: Peter Bosshard
Contents: 80 pages, A5
Shop: Helmhaus Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
ISBN 3-906396-60-6

The catalogue was published during the PETER STORRER/H.P. WEBERHANS exhibition at Helmhaus Zurich (Sep. 5. 2004 till Oct. 31. 2004). It contains color photographs of small sculptures of H.P. Weberhans. The 46 pairs of stereo pictures can be looked at using the enclosed viewer.

The following pairs of pictures can be looked at stereoscopically using the cross-eyed method. For instructions see Spot 11.