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This was the first publication of the new blelb Publishing House. We have inaugurated our new blelb Publishing House width a first title. Others will follow which will all deal with sophisticated aspects of visual perception. Our goal is to establish a platform for authors from art and sciences to communicate these visual phenomenon through both pictures and text. For more publications see german page.

«Augentrost» by Hans Knuchel
STEREO PICTURE BOOK with Stereo Glasses

68 Pages, 15 x 21 cm Avec traduction française. With English translation.
Fr. 50 / € 45 (excl. packaging, postage and duty)
Available from Hans Knuchel , 66 Hardturmstrasse, 8005 Zürich
ISBN 13-978-3-033-00721-5

52 Steropairs with plants, animals, humans and tiny masterpieces,
photographed and presented by Hans Knuchel, Zürich. With texts by Urs Stahel, Fotomuseum Winterthur, and Peter Brugger, Neurobiologist, University of Zürich.

insert tab.
With the book open on a table,
centre the glasses between the two pictures.
Place nose in the triangular opening.
Look through the lens:
The images become three-dimensional!