spot 10

Local authority building, Zurich

Art in public spaces


A semi-transparent, semi-reflective glass plate was inserted (transmission and reflection 50% each) between the ridge beam and the floor of the cafeteria. On either side of the symmetrical axis, four pairs of pictures were placed at different heights and at different angles in such a way that they merged into new pictures when viewed through the mirrored window.

The screen-printed pictures meld to create virtual happenings that can be intensified by the viewers' own movements thus provoking stimuli from colour, form and substance. The symmetrically arranged elements of the roof space (roof lights, walls, ventilation ducts) overlap in the mirrored surface.
This interactive installation has been in place since its completion in 1999.


Site: Local authority building, Zurich
Architects: Brunner and Dreier Partner
BBuilding owner: Department of Public Works of Canton Zurich
Art in public spaces: Hans Knuchel und Jürg Nänni