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Hans Knuchel developed a simple adaptor for digital mirror reflex cameras, with which small moving objects can be photographed stereoscopically. The 3-D macro photographs shown here were taken with the prototype of the adaptor for the exhibition «Augen-Blicke» at the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich.

The following pairs of pictures can be looked at stereoscopically using the cross-eyed method. For instructions see Spot 11.
Great Grey Owl R Great Grey Owl L
Great Grey Owl, head size approx. 80 mm
Stalk-eyed-fly R Stalk-eyed-fly L
Stalk-eyed fly, size approx. 8mm
White-lipped snail R White-lipped snail L
White-lipped snail, size approx. 40 mm
bumblebee R bumblebee L
housecat R housecat L
Domestic cat
praying mantid R praying mantid L
Praying mantis, size approx. 50 mm
Earth toad R Earth toad L
Common toad, size approx. 70 mm
Fire bug R Fire bug L
Fire bug, size approx. 10mm
Chamaeleon R
Chamaeleon, size approx. 300mm
Grasshopper R Grasshopper  L
Grasshopper, size approx. 40mm
Mantis shrimp R
Mantis shrimp, size approx. 120mm